Stefan Stigendal Ramboll

Stefan Stigendal Ramboll
  • Director Digitalization & Innovation | Ramboll
  • Company: Ramboll

Stefan Stigendal Director Digitalization & Innovation Ramboll

I’ve worked with IT for almost 20 years and more than ten years with change management and organizational development. My experiences from IT leadership and management on global as well as regional levels comes mainly from the service sector

I’ve focused on business and enterprise architecture and have a strong presence in companies’ business processes. I supplement the vision with target capabilities, supporting principles and policies and a current state environmental assessment to provide contextual rationale. Then translates strategic initiatives into delivery-focused change initiatives, by programs or projects.

With an analytical and creative approach, I design new and improved solutions for the enterprise with appropriate technology. I believe improving companies’ uniqueness, competitiveness and/or delivery capability should be the goal of any project. No process is considered too difficult – all processes can be improved.

I have a great interest in various process methodologies, lean and a systemic approach (systems thinking) and has also worked on ISO certification for both Information security and quality/environment. I’m well up to date in technology and can often see an opportunity to do a business process much more effective!

Specialist areas: To be the link between business and IT. Consolidate costs by reducing duplication. Identify standards (processes, information, technology, solutions, people skills, etc.) and build reliable and stable internal structures for processes and information assets in midsize enterprises.

Build, organize, and run administrative processes from an efficiency perspective.
Management, leadership and business development.
Lead and develop people through change

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