Simon Thorup Nilfisk

Simon Thorup Nilfisk
  • VP, Commercial & Digital Transformation | Nilfisk
  • Company: Nilfisk

Simon Thorup VP, Commercial & Digital Transformation Nilfisk

Overall responsible for the departments:

1) Digital Development & Technology (Technology leads for various digital platforms)
2) Data foundation (Central department for data management across technologies)
3) Commercial in Global IT (CRM for Sales, Service, Marketing & Customer Care)
4) IT Portfolio Management
5) The Enterprise Architecture forum

About Nilfisk…

Nilfisk is an established leader in cleaning technology; our products are designed by some of the most knowledgeable experts in the industry, and our solutions ensure a high hygienic standard across a variety of applications. We are committed to a cleaner world, and we are driven by our passion for innovation, knowledge, sustainability, and transformative technologies.

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