Martin Ove Ax Saxo Bank

Martin Ove Ax Saxo Bank
  • Head Of Robotics Saxo Bank
  • Company: Saxo Bank

Speaker: Martin Ove Ax Head Of Robotics Saxo Bank * (TBC)

About Martin…

A skilled manager with an extensive background in automation, process excellence, staff empowerment and leadership.

Experienced in developing and implementing programs, projects, services and people. Strong organizational, analytical, and managerial skills.

Value-adding business understanding

I have a keen interest in the business and have an economic understanding and thinking. I grasp information quickly and possess the ability to understand and relate to complex issues.

Analytical and systematic problem solver

I have an analytical approach and I am constantly monitoring, thinking ahead, and making timely adjustments in order to avoid obstacles and keep things moving on track. I see how all the pieces fit together and how one affects the other and react accordingly.

About Saxo Bank…

Saxo Bank is a global investment bank specializing in online mortgages and investing in financial finance companies.

Saxo Bank offers real estate investors and institutional clients with FX, CFD, real estate securities, futures, securities and real estate derivatives and positions in a professional portfolio of mutual funds and online exchanges.

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