Giacomo Parato Novozymes

Giacomo Parato Novozymes
  • Head Of Digital Product Management
  • Company: Novozymes

Speaker: Giacomo Parato Head of Digital Product Management Novozymes

About Giacomo:

Heading up the Digital Product Management and Design Group with direct responsibilities in Discovery, Delivery, and Growth Phases. Responsible for the B2B ECommerce platform, our Customer Engagement Portal. Helping out the Digital Transformation journey. Building Agile Teams transforming the Customer Journeys.

About Novozymes:

Novozymes is the world leader in bio-innovation. We work with our partners to innovate new solutions and rethink industries around the world. Our industrial enzymes, microorganisms, biopolymers and other proteins allow our customers to achieve more efficient use of raw materials, reduce energy consumption, replace traditional chemicals with more sustainable alternatives, and offer higher-quality products. We rethink everyday products every day.

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