Errol Koolmeister H&M

Errol Koolmeister H&M
  • Lead Data Scientist | H&M
  • Company: H&M

Errol Koolmeister Lead Data Scientist H&M

We are entering a new industrial revolution, the data revolution. With it comes changes that will make life easier for most but harder for some. We will automate many tasks by using big data analytics and this will create new opportunities for all of mankind. I am a part of this revolution and my role is to make sure the people I work for will get the best possible experience they can have.

In my current role as a Data Scientist, I know that analytics is one of the most important fields in the world since it gives a valuable insight into how customers, stock markets, loans etc. will behave and evolve in the future. Analytics is done on data and from data we derive facts. One aspect which is often underestimated is the skill to communicate the benefits of adapting to a more data-driven way of working. The shift I see right now in the world is a move from “sense, guess and respond” to “predict, plan and act”.


Detection Systems, Customer Screening, Risk and Decision analysis, CDD/KYC/ODD, CTF, AML processes, WLM, Credit Cards, SWIFT, SEPA, Transaction Screening, Payment analysis, Fraud, Advanced Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Big Data processing.

Result orientation, Business knowledge, Customer orientation, Commitment, Building relationships,
Decision making, Coaching and energising, Analytical, Facilitate, Quality focus, Risk handling

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