Claus Kruse CGI

Claus Kruse CGI
  • VP Emerging Technologies CGI
  • Company: CGI

Speaker: Claus Kruse VP Emerging Technologies CGI Denmark

About Claus…

Claus holds a position as Vice President at CGI in Denmark. In the past 30 years, Claus has worked in the IT Industry, and over the last +20 years, he has had different management positions in international IT companies and has been focused on Data and how to generate Customer Value out of the Data.

Since 2005 Claus have had the position as Managing Director at Affecto, and after the CGI acquisition of Affecto, Claus got a position in CGI as Vice President for Emerging Technologies in Denmark. Claus has for the past 14 years been dedicated to driving customer value out of data-driven activities.

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