Christian Holmegaard Mossing Niras

Christian Holmegaard Mossing Niras
  • Vice President Data, Analytics & Planning
  • Company: Niras

Speaker: Christian Holmegaard Mossing Vice President Data, Analytics & Planning Niras

About Christian:

I am holding the position as Vice President for the new Business Unit “Data, Analytics and Planning” counting approximately 100 professionals ranging from Urban Planners, Landscape Architects, Anthropologists, Land Surveyors, IT Architects, Drone operators, GIS experts, Data Scientists etc. The Business Unit supports sustainable decision making and change processes through the wise use of data. The reach of our solutions is far greater if we combine it with our expertise within data acquisition, -handling and -analysis in combination with advanced visualisation and the use of Artificial Intelligence etc.

About Niras:

From large-scale public infrastructure and technical production facilities to buildings and urban planning, we at NIRAS help to shape the community of tomorrow. This includes solutions that are not in plain sight: the water supply, wastewater treatment facilities, surveying and the IT systems that streamline climate change adaptation and urban planning.

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