Alex Galho Vivest

Alex Galho Vivest
  • CIO | Vivest
  • Company: Vivest

Speaker: Alex Galho CIO Vivest

About Alex:

Conduct the technology area with a broad systemic vision, identify emerging technological threats and opportunities. Manage multidisciplinary technology teams, aiming to increase innovations and solutions to develop new products suitable for FUNCESP. Acting with senior management in decision-making, oriented towards trends and technological challenges, always being attentive to market changes, whether social or cultural.

To be a spokesperson for business strategy vis-à-vis stakeholders and to ensure that IT governance practices are always in line with the best practices regarding their compliance. Identify and support opportunities in Digital Transformation, which brings operational efficiency, boosting deliveries in the technology area, thus contributing to FUNCESP’s growth. To act as guardian of the PDTI Technology Strategic Plan, aligned with the corporate one, executing the Budget Plan, aiming to achieve the goals established by FUNCESP.