Aleksandra Kiebdoj FOSS

  • Head Of Digital Innovation FOSS
  • Company: FOSS

Speaker: Aleksandra Kiebdoj Head Of Digital Innovation Foss

About Aleksandra…

I help improving business processes and operations by identifying organizational challenges and matching those with the solutions of the most relevant and suitable technologies.

Passionate about the business value of “cutting-edge” technologies and its impact on digital transformation for enterprise clients, I have a strong interest in addressing the strategic opportunities driven by technological change.

With several years of experiences from various industries and a strong business and IT acumen, I consider myself a good advisor, being able to develop a long-term relationship with clients and other stakeholders. I can quickly understand the complexity of the problem and articulate the business objectives in a simple and meaningful matter. Additionally, due to the entrepreneurial experiences, I can quickly adapt to the changing surroundings and to look for creative solutions to the problems.

About FOSS…

FOSS is known throughout the world for efficient, analytical solutions that help to improve both food quality and safety in the global food market. And we are playing an increasingly important role in ensuring optimal use of valuable agricultural resources and have created groundbreaking innovations throughout the years in analytical technology. FOSS provides instruments and solutions to the world’s 100 largest food companies and for over sixty years, FOSS has been at the forefront of creating analytical technology.

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