LATAM Digital Enterprise Festival Speaker Insights With Willian Domingues, CIO Merieux NurtiSciences Written by LATAM DEF on October 23, 2019

Next up in our speaker insights is Willian Luis Domingues, CIO of Food Testing innovators Merieux NutriSciences, Willian will be taking the stage at our LATAM Digital Enterprise Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil on 10th December 2020.

We have assembled a fantastic line up of Digital industry thought leaders who will be sharing tips, tactics & insights on how to accelerate enterprise Digital Transformation programmes at speed.

Government Of Brazil, Carrefour, Audi, Ministerio de Saude, Procter & Gamble, Grupo Fleury, Audi, IBM, AstraZeneca, McDonald’s, BR Distribuidora, TUI Brasil, Vivest, GRSA Compass Group, Renault, Bureau Veritas, Iguatemi, Renault-Nissan, BIC, BASF, Bayer, TCESP, BR Distribuidora, Estadao, Merieux NutriSciences & the International Association Of Artificial Intelligence are just a few of the confirmed Global brands presenting on our agenda that will be discussing hot topics around AI & Automation, Enterprise Tech, Data/Analytics & Customer Engagement.

Check out the full speaker line up & agenda here

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Over to Willian for his expert industry insights…….

DEF – Being the CIO for South America, can you tell us what your main responsibilities are & what work your Company is involved in?

WD – I am responsible for the entire IT apparatus in South America, from infrastructure, cloud, telecommunication, systems and people.

I am also responsible for Merieux’s digital transformation process in South America.

Merieux is one of the largest food analysis laboratories in the world.

DEF – How have the MN priorities changed during the COVID-19 pandemic?

WD – Yes, we have accelerated the process of migrating our on-premises data centres to the cloud and we have also modified many systems so that our customers could interact with us through digital means.

DEF – What have been the main challenges delivering your IT operations with your team having to work from home?

WN – The main challenge has been the management of projects and more technical discussions in which the face-to-face contribution is richer than that made by videoconference.

DEF – What is your opinion on restarting the economy and how physical events can help?

WN – I believe that most companies have managed to adapt. Some faster than the others. I believe that with the resumption we will see a wave of improvement in the actions that worked.

DEF – How do you think that the Brazilian enterprise ecosystem is prepared to recover & move forward from the recent situation?

WD – For sure. We have a strong economy, we are a continental country and we have a Technology ecosystem highly capable of helping business.

DEF – Brazil is ranked near the bottom of the Digital Competitiveness leagues tables, why, in your expert opinion, is Brazil behind & what can it do to become more competitive?

WD – I think it may be a matter of time. Perhaps Brazil took longer to understand that digitalizing business is a path that generates more results, improves the customer experience and can even bring new business.

DEF – How does the Food Safety market in Brazil compare to the European markets that you serve in terms of Digital Maturity and competitiveness?

WD – The Food Safety market is quite conservative. We are implementing increasingly digital systems to further improve the traceability of analyzes. We are also incorporating data communication protocols that will allow our customers to transform the results of the analysis into BIG DATA for their studies.

DEF – As an IT leader driving innovative solutions, in your opinion, which technologies will now help companies to thrive in the “new normal” world?

WD – I believe that Blockchain will gain space by ensuring data integrity.

I also believe that a part of the systems will migrate to platforms where users are connected, such as WhatsApp, and Facebook.

DEF – If you did not work in IT what would have been your 2nd career choice?

WD – Maybe I was a lawyer.

DEF – You will be presenting in our LATAM Digital Enterprise Fest in São Paulo. What will the attending executives learn from your talk “The Challenge Of Becoming A Digital Lab?”

WD – I believe they will have a very real and practical idea of ​​digital transformation, using simple resources, adapted to the company’s operational and financial reality.

You will also see how this digital culture was built together with the entire business team.

Thanks to Willian for sharing his insights., if you want to get involved as a delegate, speaker or sponsor at any of our forthcoming events in Amsterdam, Barcelona or Birmingham (UK) send us an email or enquire via the web

Have a good week, stay safe & look after each other.

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