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Nordics Digital Enterprise Festival Speaker Insights With Speaker Insights With Leslie Cottenje CEO Hello Customer

Not long now until we will open the doors to our Nordics Digital Enterprise Festival in Copenhagen on the 6th February 2020.

We have assembled a fantastic line up of Digital industry thought leaders who will be sharing tips, tactics & insights on how to accelerate enterprise Digital Transformation programmes at speed.

Copenhagen Airports, Danske Bank, CGI Danmark, Danish Defence, Bizcon, Ikano Bank, Man Security Solutions, Saxo Bank, UiPath, Danfoss, Nordea  Nets Group & COOP Danmark are just a few of the confirmed Global brands on our agenda that will be discussing hot topics around Tech, Customer Engagement, Data/Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Robotic Process Automation.

Our talks are from speakers representing large-scale enterprises, who offer first-hand insights into everything from digital eco-systems to data management systems. As a rapidly changing industry, it’s vital to stay one step ahead, and this event will offer you an exclusive opportunity in understanding how the most cutting-edge companies are maintaining their position as world leaders in digital innovation.

Check out the full speaker line up & agenda here www.digitalenterprisefest.com/nordics

We have recently interviewed Leslie Cottenje CEO at customer feedback experts Hello Customer, Leslie will be speaking about “With Customer Feedback To Retention Optimisation” on our Customer Engagement stage.

Over to you Leslie…


DEF: Can you tell us about the Hello Customer platform & how you help brands with their customer experience journeys?

HC: Hello Customer is the end-to-end solution to deliver to your customers’ expectations. We offer the most complete customer feedback and insights platform that automates the flow of capturing feedback to spreading insights to all levels of the business.

All feedback that is collected in the platform gets analysed by our Artificial Intelligence engine ‘ISAAC’. ISAAC is able to analyse feedback in all EU languages and operates with a 95% accuracy rate. It recognises sentiment and links it to the most important business metrics (topics or categories) and shows evolutions in feedback over time, recognises top 10 best and worst-performing categories etc…

Our AI sends the relevant feedback and insights to all levels of the business, so they can determine actions and act upon customer feedback. This way they can create the right experience at every point of contact and optimise it. These actions can be measured again through feedback, so companies know whether they are meeting their customers’ expectations.

DEF: Your AI-driven customer feedback platform is called ISAAC, how did that name come about?

HC: ISAAC is an acronym that stands for “Industry Specific Analysis And Categorisation”. It’s a short summary for what ISAAC, at its core, does: analysing customer feedback and categorising it into the most important aspects for businesses.

DEF: Why is customer feedback so important?

HC: Customer feedback is important because it’s your customers who in the end decide if you survive as a company or not. Customers talk about your company to friends or family, they spend money with your company and not a competitor… 68% of customers leave a brand because they think a company doesn’t care about them. Further research shows that customers are willing to pay more for companies who offer them the right experience.

To find out what the right experience means for your customers, you need to ask for feedback. What do they need, want and expect from your brand? Only if you know what drives them, you’ll be able to make the right decisions. Customer experience is actually just common sense, it’s business strategy: it’s offering the right product to your customer, at the right time, backed by the right services.

If companies succeed to do this, they’ll retain more customers because they deliver what their customers expect from them. Taking into account that 80% of companies’ future revenue comes from 20% of your existing customers, that is a big win.

DEF: For any company that does not use a customer feedback platform, what are they missing out on?

HC: They’re missing out on the opportunity to secure their relevance in the future of their industry. Customer expectations are changing all the time, and brands can’t just take customer loyalty for granted anymore in a commodity market. There are countless cheaper or other alternatives to the product you’re offering, so you need to keep a finger to the pulse and pinpoint why customers love your brand, and buy from you and not a competitor. A feedback platform that can capture feedback, analyse it in an accurate way and deliver insights to all levels of the business is the starting point for all of the above.

DEF: Enterprise size brands nowadays are looking for a quick return on investment from their martech partners, how quickly can users of Hello Customer see the tangible results?

HC: The best example comes from one of our own customers. They’re the Belgian division of a global brand and market leader in their industry. They started capturing feedback via Hello Customer from March 2019 on, and not even one year later they are already taking action based on customer feedback. Thanks to the feedback analysis they were able to pinpoint some big issues.

They can follow up with their customers almost instantly, and this way decrease what they call the ‘cost of non-quality’. They were able to see the numbers on how many times issues arose – e.g. providing a service to a customer that wasn’t requested, in turn, customers did not want to pay for this service so the company had to pay for it themselves – and thus how pressing the issue really was. Not only did it point out that their teams were working in an inefficient way (which costs time and money) but they also saw how big the cost could potentially become if they did not intervene before the customer even has something to complain about.

They already created three action plans to streamline customer processes and are taking action as we speak. In less than a year’s time. They know very well the market is changing, and with customer feedback, they’re preparing themselves to be ready when big changes hit.

DEF: You guys are growing at a fast rate, where do you see yourselves in 18 month’s time?

HC: Ultimately, in the long run, our mission is to eliminate all the reasons for customer churn. In the next 18 months, we will be taking some important steps to get closer to that goal, first on a European and then on a global scale.

DEF: You will presenting a session at our Nordics Digital Enterprise Festival on 6th February in Copenhagen, without giving too much away, what will the attending executives learn from your talk?

HC: In my talk, I will discuss how customer feedback is the starting point for better retention. There are enough statistics about customer experience and retention, and the business value of ‘experience’ simply cannot be underestimated. If companies see this experience as a vital part of their business strategy, it will absolutely have a positive impact on their revenue performance too. So in short, my talk will take the audience on a journey from customer experience to retention optimisation, and will discuss how organisations can achieve this by listening to their customers.

Thanks for your industry insights Leslie, much appreciated.

If you have any questions about joining the event, sponsorship or speaker submissions email us enquiry@digitalenterprisefest.com

If you cannot make our Copenhagen event, fear not, we will be in Birmingham, Barcelona, Amsterdam & Stockholm later in 2020, click www.digitalenterprisefest.com for details.

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