Speaker Insights – Petra Sundstrom Director Of Innovation Husqvarna Group Written by LATAM DEF on October 11, 2017

Next up in our Nordics Digital Enterprise Festival speaker insights is Petra Sundstrom, Director Of Innovation at Husqvarna Group. Petra is among a fantastic line up of speakers for our event on 20th October in Stockholm.

Go to www.digitalenterprisefest.com to view the agenda, speaker line-up & to book a ticket, this event is not to be missed!

DEF – Can you tell us a little about your role at Husqvarna Group?

PS – In 2014 I was recruited to lead Connectivity Hub, our organizational catalyst/Competence Centra around digital and IoT. Now when the strategy is in place I focus more exclusively on our new innovations that these times almost all of them build on the digital

DEF – How is digital transformation affecting your industry and which new trends do you think will have the biggest impact in the future?

PS – Digital is affecting us across everything we do and sell; our product and service offer, our future system services, business model, but also in terms of industry 4.0, i.e. smart factories, supply chain, e-commerce and much more

DEF – Where is Husqvarna Group on its digital transformation journey, and how are things changing for your staff and customers?

PS – We are off to a good start. We have done a first scan of our potential service and solution offer and arrived at three prioritized areas for the Group. We have a Virtual Innovation Lab that help the organization to work in new ways using design thinking and with partners looking at the new business for the Group. We are building our first Smart factory, and we have acquired startups such as Koubachi.

But we are also struggling, we are struggling with faster, agiler but also collaborative ways of working due to a more traditional organization. What a new organization that also can handle solution planning, i.e. products and services together look like is though not that easy to say.

DEF – What advice would you give an organisation at the start of its digital transformation journey?

PS – The Multidisciplinary Connectivity Hub that we started with was, in fact, a great start. Demonstrators in the form of design fictions and fully working prototypes have also help a lot – Seeing is believing.

DEF – The theme of the Nordics Digital Enterprise Festival is “the future belongs to the fast” (encouraging large companies to transform digitally at a quicker rate). As a large organisation, how does Husqvarna Group make sure it can respond quickly to the opportunities and challenges of digital?

PS – Virtual Innovation Lab has helped us show to solutions like Battery Box, a fully working digital pop-up store renting out products instead of selling them, and how we can build such solutions fast with partners has been a great driver for the Group.

Design fictions presenting the future in terms of a fictive customer catalogue staging all ideas in a shared context also with competitors and other trends happening has also been a great driver to collectively understand what this development is all about.

DEF – Without giving too much away, what can attendees expect to learn from your session “The Importance Of Explorations & Continuous Innovation?

PS – I will shortly talk about what we have done so far, some pros and cons with our journey so far, but also, I will talk of our Battery Box project pushing the boundaries for ourselves and for what we understood we could do, and how we are used to do things.

Thanks to Petra for her input, looking forward to her session on 20th October. If you have any questions about joining the event email us enquiry@digitalenterprisefest.com 

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