Tech Stage: What skills will it take to Win in the New Normal? Niyantri Ramakrishnan Bayer

10:30 am - 10:55 am

Tech Track

Speaker: Niyantri Ramakrishnan Executive Director Digital Transformation Bayer

Topic: What skills will it take to Win in the New Normal?

The focus of this presentation is on the evolving skills we need to win in the new normal in the healthcare space and beyond:

Key sub topics:

1. Acquiring talent – what skills do we need and how roles and changing?
– I will unpack the following skills – agility, liquid teams, cognitive flexibility, creativity and the importance of diversity

2. How are each of these skills important to the day to day activities in our organizations
How this impacts marketing, sales, access and beyond- 1-2 examples

3. How we demonstrate our cultural beliefs in action at Bayer as an example of this evolution?

Our 5 cultural beliefs at Bayer Latam – think big, own it, act now, explore beyond and look outside.

Practical examples of each one ex. Own it – our response to the pandemic was agile and quick – learnings from this new skill set we acquired our of necessity but propelled further out of pure inspiration.