Nordics Digital Enterprise Festival Speaker Insights With Steen Bendsten, RPA Pre Sales Manager UiPath Written by LATAM DEF on October 23, 2019

Nordics Digital Enterprise Festival Speaker Insights With Steen Bendsten, RPA Pre Sales Manager UiPath





Not long now until we will open the doors to our Nordics Digital Enterprise Festival in Copenhagen on the 6th February 2020.


We have assembled a fantastic line up of Digital industry thought leaders who will be sharing tips, tactics & insights on how to accelerate enterprise Digital Transformation programmes at speed.

Copenhagen Airports, Danske Bank, Nilfisk, CGI Danmark, Danish Defence, Bizcon, Ikano Bank, Man Security Solutions, Saxo Bank, Danfoss, Nordea  Nets Group & COOP Danmark are just a few of the confirmed Global brands on our agenda that will be discussing hot topics around Tech, Customer Engagement, Data/Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Robotic Process Automation.

Our talks are from speakers representing large-scale enterprises, who offer first-hand insights into everything from digital eco-systems to data management systems. As a rapidly changing industry, it’s vital to stay one step ahead, and this event will offer you an exclusive opportunity in understanding how the most cutting-edge companies are maintaining their position as world leaders in digital innovation.

Check out the full speaker line up & agenda here

We have recently interviewed Steen Bendsten RPA Pre Sales Manager at RPA leader UiPath  , Steen is taking part in our panel debate themed “What Will Be The Key AI & RPA Trends For 2020″ 

Over to you Steen…

DEF: Can you tell us about UiPath, how you help Enterprise brands, the markets you serve & what your role is at the company?


Steen: UiPath supports enterprises and public organizations in their journey to optimize their manual processes by applying automation software technology which in turn improves business efficiencies, saves costs, and enhance employee and customer satisfaction.

We have all types of customers from SMB to worldwide corporations.

My role in UiPath is to help qualify the business case with the client and identify the area where Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can make a difference.

DEF: UiPath is the current leader in the Gartner RPA Magic Quadrant, how do you stay ahead of your competition?


Steen: We had always been obsessed with delivering the best automation platform on the market, and also had a continuous commitment to stay customer centric. We improved our offering continuously based on the feedback we received from our clients and the wide RPA developer community.


Another area where we distinguish ourselves is in our go-to-market strategy. From the very beginning, UiPath has been communicating openly on our product strategy e.g. by providing free access to previews of our latest versions. In addition, we have launched Insider Preview, a portal that offers insights to the future of the technology which is a valuable advantage for our customers.

I believe these are a few of the factors that placed us as leader in the Quadrant.


We strive to set the scene as the continuous leader of RPA technology and are constantly developing new areas in the scope of automation. Since the Gartner MQ was published, we have launched even more new products either by our own development or acquisitions.


DEF: Where do you rank the Nordic brands in terms of RPA adoption against the other European regions you serve?


Steen: As we currently experience with most IT technologies, the Nordics are having a significantly higher adoption rate on RPA compared to other European regions. Not only within the enterprise segment but also in the public sector.


DEF: Which Nordic brands are you currently working with?


Steen: The majority of our customers are within the largest Nordic brands; however, they are not yet official references.


We work with many various verticals – mainly within Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Retail, Telco, Transportation, Insurance and Finance.

In the Public sector segment, we mainly work within healthcare, government, regions and municipalities.

DEF: The IT leaders that we profile when researching our events state the lack of qualified & skilled staff is an important factor to consider before taking the first steps to becoming “Automated Enterprises”, what are your views on this?


Steen: RPA is having a high adoption rate in the Nordics, which is very positive, and yes, it can be a challenge to get skilled enough staff.  At UiPath we address this by having the UiPath Academy since 2017 – free and open RPA training for developers, business people, and analysts, all available online. In addition, we have our Academic Alliance program that provides free training of our products for students attending university and/or business schools.


DEF: The UiPath Academy has trained over 480,000 executives & students so far, what plans do you have for the academy in 2020?


Steen: We continuously improve and update our academy program to include the latest product updates and expand on the RPA roles that a proper Center of Excellence require. And we expect that the number of training taken will continue to grow even further in 2020.


DEF: You willl be taking the stage at our Nordics Digital Enterprise Festival to join our panel debate “What Will Be The Key AI & RPA Trends For 2020”, how far has AI & RPA come this year against your own predictions this time last year?


Steen: The AI/RPA trend will continue in 2020, AI will mature and get more integrated into RPA with more intelligent applications as well as seamless integration with business AI models.


Also, the trend that we at UiPath nurture and expect to grow in 2020 is the vision of ‘a robot for every person’ which means everyone in the workforce, while studying, and at home should be empowered by the use of a robot that takes over mundane repetitive things on our ‘to do’ lists.


Already now, we see a big interest in how to make automation available on each PC across the organizations, and that the development of automation will be more decentralized in what is known as ‘citizen development’.


Thanks for your insights Steen, head over to to learn more about their work.

If you have any questions about joining the event, sponsorship or speaker submissions email us

If you cannot make our Copenhagen event, fear not, we will be in Birmingham, Barcelona, Amsterdam & Stockholm later in 2020, click for details.

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