Nordics Digital Enterprise Festival Speaker Insights – Stefan Dageson CTO Ortelius Written by LATAM DEF on September 12, 2017

Next up in our Speaker Insights feature is Stefan Dageson Co-Founder & CTO of Ortelius, the Swedish Digital Transformation specialists. Stefan will be delivering a keynote address at the Digital Enterprise Festival in Stockholm on 20th October, the speaker line up & agenda can be viewed here –

DEF – So tell us a little about yourself. What’s your role at Ortelius?

SD – My name is Stefan Dageson, I am the CTO and co-founder of Ortelius. Responsible for the entire platform development and the one who has introduced the theory of sustainable information models.

DEF – Your award winning Inorigo platform is helping global enterprise level companies collaborate & revolutionise how teams work more effectively, can you tell us more about it & how it works?

SD – Yes, the Inorigo platform is something rather special and it is not easy to compare to any other tools out there. I usually start our presentation with what inorigo is not, since most people would like to categorize and place it in a certain area. I always ask the executives to try not to categorize and instead be open minded. I could talk a long time about what inorigo is, but the best description is probably the following: Inorigo gathers and organizes all knowledge in an organization in a smart way so that all skilled knowledge workers together can create a common picture of what happened in the past and what a common future for the entire organization might look like and how to steer towards it.

Check out the short explainer Video HERE

DEF – Companies are more than ever trying to stay ahead of the game in these times of new disruptive technologies, why is gaining competitive advantage key?

SD – Because like you said: it is important to be prepared for quick changes. New disruptive business models can pop up at any time. When we talk about competitive advantage we usually define it as the capability to adapt and change continuously. A digital mature organization can not only adjust quickly but also in a smart way. We have seen that organizations which start their digital transformation journey by creating a common point of reference or “corporate brain” are more successful then those who just run fast without knowing where to whilst relying on internal silos of information. 

DEF – What will we learn from your keynote address this year? “Building The Corporate Brain – A Platform Driven Approach To Digital Transformation”

SD – I will talk about the importance of a sustainable approach to digital transformation. I will explain the “corporate brain” theory by using lego and present some examples of successful cases and how they approached their transformation process.

DEF – What do you see as one of the big trends in digital for the future?

SD – Funny that you ask and I am sure that most people would mention AIJ. Well, I have concluded that instead of AI the IA (intelligence augmentation) will be the game changer. The successful combination of accumulated human intelligence and information technologies will definitely open doors to a completely new way of digital.

DEF – What’s the best piece of advice you have received?

SD – No one is smarter than all of us

Thank you Stefan for your insights, to hear Stefan in person alongside an inspirational line up of Digital leaders from the worlds most successful Enterprise level brands go to to confirm your place.

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