LATAM Digital Enterprise Festival Speaker Insights: Luciana Cardoso, Digital Director, Estadao Written by LATAM DEF on May 18, 2020

Soon we will open the doors to our LATAM Digital Enterprise Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil on 10th December 2020.

We have assembled a fantastic line up of Digital industry thought leaders who will be sharing tips, tactics & insights on how to accelerate enterprise Digital Transformation programmes at speed.

Government Of Brazil, Carrefour, Audi, Ministerio de Saude, Procter & Gamble, Grupo Fleury, Audi, IBM, AstraZeneca, McDonald’s, BR Distribuidora, TUI Brasil, Vivest, GRSA Compass Group, Renault, Bureau Veritas, Iguatemi, Renault-Nissan, BIC, BASF, Bayer, TCESP, BR Distribuidora, Estadao, Merieux NutriSciences & the International Association Of Artificial Intelligence are just a few of the confirmed Global brands presenting on our agenda that will be discussing hot topics around AI & Automation, Enterprise Tech, Data/Analytics & Customer Engagement.

Check out the full speaker line up & agenda here

Over 175 CIO’s have so far, signed up to attend our event, due to COVID19 this is now a LIMITED CAPACITY event with strict hygiene measures in place to ensure the safety of all of our event staff, speakers, sponsors & delegates.

We have a small number of event passes left available, click here to reserve your place REGISTER

Over to Luciana for her expert industry insights…….

DEF: As Digital Director at Estadão, what does a typical day look like for you?

LC: I am responsible for product, business intelligence, IT and communication area, so my routine is very different every day. We are in the middle of a big digital transformation, so we need to act fast to collect the results as soon as possible.

I am also responsible to help other areas of the company to accelerate this transformation.

DEF: As Digital Director, you took part in the digital transformation of Estadão, a traditional newspaper. In your opinion, what has been the factor to success for your company changing from traditional publishing to online publishing?

LC: I think that the factor for success is to have the right people to do that. We need collaboration in all areas and different levels of the company. This is very important to do this movement.

DEF: In your opinion, what are the main challenges to achieve seamless, online customer experiences in traditional companies & industries such as press?

LC: I think that we have a big challenge on that because all the time we are working with urgent topics and it is very hard to prioritize everything that we want to do. More and more, we need to hear and to put our customer is the centre of our business. This is not new for our industry, because the newspaper started with this vision. But with the audience increase is more difficult to know every necessity from our customers, so we are investing more in business intelligence to achieve that.

DEF: How do you think that the Brazilian enterprise ecosystem is prepared to achieve Digital Transformation?

LC: We was some years below, but now with the Covid-19 we are being forced to accelerate the digital transformation in all companies, small to big business.

DEF: Brazil is ranked near the bottom of the Digital Competitiveness leagues tables, why, in your expert opinion, is Brazil behind & what can it do to become more competitive?

LC: We have a lot of creative people, so I think that we need to hear and be opened to the Digital and the needed transformation.

DEF: As a female Digital Director of a large national brand, what is your view on the gender imbalance in senior-level Technology leadership positions?

LC: This is still a big issue in our country. We have some new women in leadership positions, but we need to increase this balance. We have very good talents in the country, so we need to give the opportunity equally.

DEF: You will be presenting in our LATM Digital Enterprise Fest in São Paulo. What will the attending executives learn from your talk “How Data Can Be A Factor Of Success For Traditional Companies”?

LC: In my talk, I will talk about how data changed the way that a Traditional Newspaper works. We are in the middle of the Digital Transformation, so we already did a lot of things, but we know that the key point is to better understand our customer, their habits, what they want, in which platform and so on.

I hope to hear from other experiences also, to exchange some ideas on that.

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Have a good week, stay safe & look after each other.

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