LATAM Digital Enterprise Online Festival Speaker Insights with Niyantri Ramakrishnan, Bayer Written by LATAM DEF on December 2, 2020

Soon we will launch our long-awaited LATAM Digital Enterprise Online Festival on the 10th of December 2020.

We have assembled a fantastic line up of Digital industry thought leaders who will be sharing tips, tactics & insights on how to accelerate enterprise Digital Transformation programs at speed.

Government Of Brazil, Carrefour, Audi, Ministerio de Saude, Procter & Gamble, Audi, BR Distribuidora, TUI Brasil, Vivest, GRSA Compass Group, Bureau Veritas, Renault-Nissan, BASF, Bayer, TCESP, BR Distribuidora, Estadao, Merieux NutriSciences & the International Association Of Artificial Intelligence are just a few of the confirmed Global brands presenting on our agenda that will be discussing hot topics around AI & Automation, Enterprise Tech, Data/Analytics & Customer Engagement.

Check out the full speaker line up & agenda here AGENDA

The event is now 100% Online format starting at 09.45 am with the opening Keynote talk from Luis Monterieo Secretary For Digital Government, Brazil.

So far, 480 CIO’s & IT leaders have registered for the event, click here to reserve your place REGISTER

One of our speakers is Niyantri Ramakrishnan, Digital Director at global Pharma giant Bayer, she took some time to share his industry insights:

DEF – Being the Executive Director for Digital Transformation at Bayer, can you tell us what your main responsibilities are & what work your Company is involved in?

Niya – My role involves the leadership of Digital Transformation at BAYER in Latin America and Brazil. This involves securing our core technology to ensure all digital operations work well but also charting our strategic path forward to explore and leverage the full potential of Digital and Innovation in our region to drive further value to our patients and other stakeholders.

DEF – How have Bayer’s business priorities changed during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Niya – Our business priorities remain the same, but innovation and digital were heavily accelerated during the pandemic, which initiated out of need, but was propelled forward because of our team´s already innovative mindset and sense of urgency to deliver better and faster for our patients.

DEF – What have been the main challenges delivering your IT operations with your team working remotely?

Niya – We are currently setting up a hub for Digital Transformation in Latin America, doing this entirely virtually has proved feasible, so we have not seen any concrete challenges related to remote work.

DEF – What is your opinion on restarting the economy and how physical events can help?

Niya – I believe that safety and health come above all else – as such, I believe physical events must be limited and done with exigent safety measures – however, I believe they must not occur with scale and elevated frequency, and without appropriate measures of safety.

DEF – How do you think that the Brazilian enterprise ecosystem is prepared to recover & move forward from the recent situation?

Niya – We have as of 1 day ago, been placed in the Yellow Phase again. This will help contain the cases and ensure greater awareness that we are not in the clear as yet – the virus continues to spread and kill people.

DEF – Brazil is ranked near the bottom of the Digital Competitiveness leagues tables, why, in your expert opinion, is Brazil behind & what can it do to become more competitive?

Niya – Brazil is in the top 4 countries in the world in terms of internet usage. 3 of every 4 people in the country have a mobile phone, and there are in fact, a greater number of smartphones in the country than people. The proclivity of the population to adopt digital channels and capabilities is sizeable. That being said, there is a fundamental need to harness the potential for digital competitiveness through the education system, further democratizing access to fundamental education first, where digital fluency must also be part of the agenda.

DEF – Which technologies have disrupted the Pharma market the most in Brazil this year?

Niya – I believe there have been three very interesting areas of uptake –

1. Virtual interactions with physicians have been the most widely propelled channel during the pandemic – remote contacts were inevitable and scaled to 100% of interactions during the peaks of quarantine, and this was the most drastic change to most Pharma business models during the pandemic

2. Telemedicine adoption was driven by Covid, but it is here to stay – everyone has had some kind of a virtual health experience during the pandemic (either for oneself or a family member or friend).

3. E-commerce – people who never purchased online before only had this option during the pandemic. In turn, everyone is seeing the true potential and benefit of this channel – it is reducing the need for brick and mortar operations and elevating the home-delivery model which is already rampant in Brazil for other consumer categories.

DEF – As an IT leader driving innovative solutions, in your opinion, which technologies will now help companies to thrive in the “new normal” world?

Niya – 1. AI has tremendous potential for Latin America and Brazil – For example, it can potentially shorten the average timeframes of diagnosis, significantly. Bot and self-learning technology will come into play in greater ways to enable better and faster service delivery.

2. Home office or some version of it will certainly remain going forward – all the technologies from Zoom, Teams, Whatsapp etc. that have enabled us all to work and remain connected with colleagues during the pandemic – which in many ways allowed our “survival” through the pandemic, will enable is to “thrive” post-pandemic. These technologies have gained footing and will continue to do so.

There are many more examples to cite but these are two that stand out to me.

DEF – With companies having to rapidly change their IT focus this year, now with the pandemic slowly easing, where do you see the Brazilian IT department’s main priorities for 2021?

Niya – Acceleration is a common denominator across all functions in the organization – particularly in our case for Digital Transformation, as there is an inherent shift from analog to digital as we take on the varied phases of the next normal(s).

We transformed a previously considered IT function to a Digital Transformation function – with this newly created area, we have a roadmap that is closely tethered to patient needs – our priorities encircle these needs. Technology is what enables our agenda, but it is much more than the technology that will drive our priorities.

DEF – You will be presenting a Keynote talk at LATAM Digital Enterprise Online Festival, what will the attending executives learn from your talk?

Niya – My talk is an invitation to reflect on what skills we and our teams need to take on the various phases of the next normal(s). The pace of change ahead is sharp and will not die down anytime soon – how will we prepare for this? What do we need to rethink in terms of competence and skills? What do we need to reflect on as “core” skills? Our very premises for recruiting, developing, and maintaining talent may need to be revisited. We will have an opportunity to reflect on this together in my talk.

Thank you, Niya, for your expert industry insights, If you want to get involved as a delegate, speaker or sponsor at any of our forthcoming events in Brazil, Amsterdam, Barcelona or Birmingham (UK) send us an email or enquire via the web

Have a good day, stay safe & look after each other.

DEF Team

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