LATAM Digital Enterprise Festival Speaker Insights: Jorge Luís Cordenonsi CIO Brazil & Latin America GRSA/Compass Group Written by LATAM DEF on July 22, 2020

Soon we will open the doors to our LATAM Digital Enterprise Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil on 10th December 2020.

We have assembled a fantastic line up of Digital industry thought leaders who will be sharing tips, tactics & insights on how to accelerate enterprise Digital Transformation programmes at speed.

Government Of Brazil, Carrefour, Audi, Ministerio de Saude, Procter & Gamble, Grupo Fleury, Audi, IBM, AstraZeneca, BR Distribuidora, TUI Brasil, Funcesp, GRSA Compass Group, Bureau Veritas, BIC, BASF, Bayer, TCESP, BR Distribuidora, Estadao, Merieux NutriSciences & the International Association Of Artificial Intelligence are just a few of the confirmed Global brands presenting our agenda that will be discussing hot topics around AI & Automation, Tech, Data/Analytics & Customer Engagement.

Check out the full speaker line up & agenda here AGENDA

Over 179 CIO’s have so far, signed up to attend our event, due to COVID19 this is now a LIMITED CAPACITY event with a maximum capacity of 150 delegates each day.

We have a small number of event passes available, click here to reserve your place REGISTER

The event has strict hygiene policies in place including temperature testing, socially distanced speaker session seating plans with schoolroom set up, multiple sanitation points, face masks as mandatory & one-way traffic flows in place.

One of our speakers is Jorge Luís Cordenonsi CIO Brazil & Latin America at Food Industry giant GRSA/Compass Group, we recently took some time to ask him about his industry insights in today’s new world, over to Jorge…

DEF – Being the CIO for Brazil & LATAM, can you tell us what your main responsibilities are?

JC – I am currently Head of IT CIO for Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and Argentina, my key responsibilities are: Develop and maintain the IT Strategy aligned with the business requirements, manage the IT Controls (Cyber Security) according to the global, regional, and local regulations, provide the IT Support to business operations & manage the IT resources (HR, Hardware, Software, Telecom and Networking, and Applications) according to the SLA´s requirements.

DEF – How have the GRSA Compass business priorities changed during the COVID-19 pandemic?

JC – Business priorities have changed dramatically with a focus to maintain the business available to support customer´s demands. Key priorities reviewed with the focus on purpose, performance, and people management.

DEF – What have been the main challenges delivering your regional IT operations with your team having to work from home?

JC – Main challenges were regarding people management activities considering the limitations of current video tools.

DEF – How do you think that the Brazilian enterprise ecosystem is prepared to recover & move forward from the recent situation?

JC – Brazilian enterprise ecosystems very low prepared to recover & move forward from the recent situation due to a lack of a required: 1) Government Support; 2) Strong Management Framework; 3) Health Care System; 4) Sectors Alignment

DEF – Brazil is ranked near the bottom of the Digital Competitiveness leagues tables, why, in your expert opinion, is Brazil behind & what can it do to become more competitive?

JC – Brazil is behind mainly due to a lack of a required: 1) Government Digital Plan; 2) Country and State Digital Policies; 3) Digital Education System and 4) Industry Digital Competitiveness Guidelines and Support

DEF – How can Enterprise organizations overcome IT skills shortages?

JC – Enterprises should structure and deploy their own IT Education programs, such as Corporate Universities Programs, IT Career Plans, IT Academy, and other programs to motivate the internal people to develop their IT skills.

DEF – As an IT leader driving the Digital Transformation initiatives, in your opinion, which technologies will now help companies to thrive in the “new normal” world?

JC – I think the following key technologies will help companies to thrive in the “new normal”: Cloud, Cyber Security, and Artificial Intelligence. BlockChain is becoming more critical and it will be key in the following years.

DEF – If you did not work in IT what would have been your 2nd career choice?

JC – My 2nd career choice would be Electronic Engineering due to the correlation with IT and possibilities to develop great solutions

DEF – You will be presenting in our LATAM Digital Enterprise Fest in São Paulo. What will the attending executives learn from your talk “Optimizing Operations Based on Digital Solutions”?

JC – They will learn how to establish, design, and deploy digital solutions to improve the efficiency of their supply chain business processes

Thank you, Jorge, for your expert industry insights, If you want to get involved as a delegate, speaker or sponsor at any of our forthcoming events in Brazil, Amsterdam, Barcelona or Birmingham (UK) send us an email or enquire via the web

Have a good week, stay safe & look after each other.


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