Speaker Insights Per Edoff Chief Digital Officer Fortum Written by Digital Enterprise Festival Nordics on April 6, 2018

We recently caught up with one of our speakers for the Nordics Digital Enterprise Festival taking place next Thursday and Friday in Stockholm, Per Edoff CDO at Fortum, Per is giving a talk on “Digital Enterprise Journey: How To Start and Scale IT Up” goto www.digitalenterprisefest.com to check out the line up.

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Welcome to the Nordics Digital Enterprise Festival Peter, can you tell us a bit about Fortum?

We are a leading clean-energy company developing and offering solutions for our customers in electricity, heating, cooling, as well as solutions to improve resource efficiency. We also provide services for the power generation industry and solutions for consumers so that they can be smarter in their energy choices.

As Chief Digital Officer what does that mean for you on a day-to-basis?

Me and my team make sure we utilize all possible technology to increase efficiency and innovate new ideas for top-line growth

What brought you here? Was it your initial career path of choice?

I started my role 2 years ago, before that I was heading IT operations both application and Infra, since focus there was very much on cost efficiency. It was actually my idea to set up a CDO team to facilitate and catalyse business in digital transformation

What is the best and worst part of the day for you?

Well, initially we had a great start with lots of low hanging fruit for more efficient operation, so the best part is to see how different professionals can work together and solve problems….And worst, is definitely when we don’t walk as we talk, we believe in trust and personal responsibility but still micromanagement is there, and of course it is a challenge to work with speed and agility with quite fragmented large complex organisation

What makes you passionate about the world of digital and technology?

Convenience, any help and support we can have from AI makes life so much easier

Digital has already taken us on a significant journey both in business and in our personal lives. What big things do you think we should be looking out for in 2018?

Digital assistance. I believe we will, in the near future use, that as an interface towards vendor customer services and Internet.

And how about looking ahead to 10 years time?

Autonomous operations, cars but also in many other areas.

You are going to be speaking at our next Digital Enterprise event in Stockholm. There you will talk about scaling IT for a digital age. Can you tell us a little more about that (without giving too much away of course)?

Doing experiments and pilots is good to understand the value and also what has to be done in IT backbone and architecture etc. But to ramp it up we have to create “digital factories” around platforms and products, that will increase ownership and thereby also speed and time to market.

Would you say it has been an easy process of change for Fortum or has there been some interesting challenges along the way?

Yes and no. When we started we thought we had lack of data.The reality is that we have a huge amount of data but not always available. In the beginning, we tried to isolate digital from legacy but in the end there has to be seamlessness to have the data always available, and that is a bumpy road.

You talk about taking an agile approach. Why is this so important?

We tend to have focus on a finished product and clear business cases to get any resources. I believe that will kill innovation and limit business opportunities. Instead have an experimental approach, have the scope open in the beginning not to miss business opportunity, and from there build viable prototypes to identify potentials

Thanks for your time Per!

Per will be joining us to speak at the Nordics Digital Enterprise Festival next Thursday and Friday in Stockholm. To find our more and who else will be taking centre stage, take a look at the conference agenda and book your tickets. www.digitalenterprisefest.com

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