Speaker Interview With James Turrell Written by Benelux DEF on March 29, 2018

We recently caught up with one of our Keynote speakers for the Nordics Digital Enterprise Festival James Turrell Business Information Security Manager at John Lewis, we have a LIMITED amount of complimentary guest passes available to qualifying large Enterprise level brands click here the following link book a spot (read terms before confirming your place consultants, suppliers or vendors allowed access to the event) TICKETS

A Day in the Life with James Turrell, Business Information Security Manager, John Lewis Partnership

Can you tell us a bit about The John Lewis Partnership?

Much of what makes us unique is down to the visionary thinking of our founder, John Spedan Lewis. He believed in the ‘happiness of all its members’ and their ‘worthwhile and satisfying employment in a successful business’. So, he came up with a totally different way of doing business.

As Business Information Security Manager what does that mean for you on a day-to basis?

A duty to assure that Data within the partnership is protected for the intended business purpose it was collected for.

What brought you here? Was it your initial career path of choice?

After passing the maximum height limits to be an Apache Helicopter pilot, I followed a typical path into the job market. In the Early 2000’s I moved from windows into Mac and forged a career as an Apple Mac Engineer moving into Information Security around 2012…

What is the best and worst part of the day for you?

The best part of the day is the morning. Every morning, on the train into the office, is a chance to catch up on the latest news/events/briefings and trends internally and externally. The worst part is the noise that generally surrounds the facts.

What makes you passionate about the world of digital and technology?

It is a fascinating and ever-evolving sector, the abundance of new technologies and ideas means that I can continually learn, I will never be able to learn about everything and as such I will always have the opportunity to be surprised.

What song do you listening to the most?

Currently listening to The Fratellis new Album.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not at work?

When not spending as much time as possible with my wonderful family, I still like to trundle around a rugby pitch and ski.

Digital has already taken us on a significant journey both in business and in our personal lives. What big things do you think we should be looking out for in 2018?

AI and Data – both an individual’s awareness and the uses of.

And how about looking ahead to 10 years time?
If I could predict that far in advance I would never need to buy a lottery ticket again. One thing I can be sure off is that the pace of change and development of tech that has a real and tangible impact on our life will continue.

You are going to be speaking at our Nordics Digital Enterprise Festival in Stockholm in 2 weeks time. There you will talk about how combining security measures such as GDPR and PCI can lead to greater efficiency in business. Can you break that down a little bit for us (without giving too much away of course)?
Payment Card Data is one of the most targeted types of data by bad actors. The lessons we have learnt in protecting this data can be valuable to all types of data.

Why are these security measures so important in a business?

Trust… Loss of trust is and always will be one of the toughest things to regain. We have a duty to protect data entrusted to us in a way we would want our own data protected.

Do you think the introduction of GDPR can, in fact, bring opportunity to a business?

Time will tell.

Is there any advice you could offer to a business looking to implement these measures?

The first step is to understand and evaluate what your environment is and holds.

Thanks for your time James!

James will be joining us to speak at the Digital Enterprise Festival on 12/13 April April at the Radisson Blu Convention Centre, Stockholm. To find our more and who else will be taking centre stage, take a look at the conference agenda and book your tickets. www.digitalenterprisefeest.com

If you have any questions or sponsorship inquiries email enquiry@digitalenterprisefest.com or call the team on 00 44 203 9500 565

Note, the comments made in this interview are the opinions of James Turrell, not the opinions of the John Lewis Partnership.

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