Speaker Insights – Luis Herrero Digital Service Platform Leader @ Leroy Merlin Written by DEF Team on October 29, 2019

Next up in our Speaker Insights series is Luis Herrero, Head Of Digital Services Platform at retailer Leroy Merlin.

Luis will be taking a session “Strategies To Lead Digital Transformation Programmes In Complex Environments” at our Barcelona Digital Festival

CIO’s, CTO’s, Innovation & Automation Leaders, Data Demons & Marketing Mavericks from the world’s most successful Enterprise brands will be taking the stage on the 28th November to share their best insights into digital transformation, digitisation & technological innovation….. Vueling, UiPath, Leroy Merlin, Ferrovial, Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, Almirall, Grupo Segura, Suez, ABBYY, Acofarma, Media Cloud & Globant & Suez are represented on the agenda (more TBC)…

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Can you tell us about Leroy Merlin, the markets your serve & what your role is at the company?

Leroy Merlin is the largest company of a group of companies called ADEO. ADEO is the 3rd world player in the sector of Home Improvement and 1st player in Europe. We operate in Europe, Russia, China, South Africa and Brazil.

Concerning my role, after several years leading the Technology and Supply Chain activities in Spain, I moved to a corporate mission to lead a great project of Digital Transformation. When the mission was completed, I have the great opportunity to lead a new initiative to move forward the enterprise platform model. In my current mission I am an intrapreneur, leading an ambitious project about a services marketplace.


Digital Transformation means different things to different people, how do you define it?

For me, Digital Transformation is to incorporate to the whole organization some of the practices and methodologies used today in the digital fields. Technology combined with organization, cultural change and methodology, configures a new philosophy that changes deeply how the organizations are re-configurated and how they are operating.


Companies like Leroy Merlin are creating new business models to remain competitive & relevant, what was your starting point & what is the end goal?

We are totally engaged in a movement to be an organization even more open and more integrated with the whole ecosystem. Some initiatives, as the project I´m working for, have the vision and the mission to move the company from the traditional positions to the new one. Our goal is to be useful to the inhabitants in the habitat domain, and this ambition is much larger than the current one.


Which of the new breed of tech has had the biggest impact on your Digital/IT strategy & customers experiences?

Some of them are having a large impact, the most important are the followings:

Be totally customer-centric redesigning our processes with UX and UI;

Act with an agile mindset designing and operating;

Build products with a modular architecture;

Build our systems to be open and be prepared to communicate and interoperate with the ecosystem;

Move to the cloud using their services and capabilities; change from a culture project-oriented to a product-oriented.



For a company with hundreds of physical locations & millions of customers, what have you learned making the change from incorporating “physical to digital” business models & platforms?

We have learned that using both together physical and digital, we can offer a much better customer experience more fluid, richer and simpler at the same time. The platform model allows us to create a better experience and practices with our partners and the whole ecosystem.


A lot of attention is nowadays put on retailers to become more eco-friendly & sustainable, are there any examples you can share that are having a positive impact at Leroy Merlin?

We have this sensibility for many years. We have worked to develop more product which allows creating a more sustainable habitat: water saving, isolation, energy savings, etc. We are nowadays one of the most advanced retailers in this field. We have also implemented internal measures to be more sustainable (re-use in logistics, energy savings, and so on).


Where do you see the Spanish brands ranked against their peers in Europe in terms of driving innovation?

In my personal experience after working in some of the world-leading multinational companies, Spanish professionals have an important skills portfolio to develop innovation. There is not a matter of a shortage of talent, but the companies have to be fewer conservatives and be more audacious to support innovation and take risks. I think we are learning to deal with those new innovation ecosystems. We have the opportunity to learn, change and to re-invent ourselves, for instance supporting a wider spectrum of projects. Innovation can happen in many fields.


You will be presenting at our Barcelona Digital Festival on 28th November, without giving too much away, what can our delegates learn from your session?

I believe in cooperation, sharing, continuous learning and the richness of the ecosystem. In Barcelona, I will share humbly my ideas, convictions and experiences with the rest of delegates. Those experiences are the results of working in different fields, been involved in very different challenges, from leading large traditional projects, to implement lean/agile/Start-up initiatives and to build platform models.

We thank Luis for his insights, if you have any media, speaker or sponsorship enquiries, email enquiry@digitalenterprisefest.com

Hoping to see you & your team at our fantastic event on the 28th November in Barcelona.

DEF Team

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