Barcelona Digital Festival Speaker Insights With Franck Lopez UiPath Written by DEF Team on November 21, 2019

We recently caught up with Franck Lopez VP Sales Southern Europe at RPA leaders & event partners UiPath, Franck will be delivering a keynote speech themed “The Future Of Work Is Automation” at our Barcelona Digital Festival next Thursday.

CIO’s, CTO’s, Innovation & Automation Leaders, Data Demons & Marketing Mavericks from Iberia’s most successful Enterprise brands will be taking the stage on the 28th November to share their best insights into digital transformation, digitisation & technological innovation….. Vueling, Leroy Merlin, Ferrovial, Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, PromoFarma, Bayer, Almirall, Grupo Segura, Suez, ABBYY, Acofarma, Media Cloud, Globant & Suez are represented on the agenda…

To book one of the last remaining tickets, view the full speaker line up & agenda go to 

Can you tell us about UiPath, how you help Enterprise brands, the markets you serve & what your role is at the company?

UiPath is the developer and provider of the most widely used Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform in the world today. RPA is the innovative technology that uses software robots that frees office employees from repetitive mundane tasks by perfectly emulating their actions on a computer and executing business processes in back-office and front-office operations.

As our technology increases business productivity, reduces compliance costs and risks, helps companies improve their customers’ experience and increases employee satisfaction, UiPath is reshaping the future of the workplace, guided by an “Automation First” mindset. This puts automation as a starting point for our customers and empowers them to identify from the first moment in each operation which the tasks that can be automated with RPA robots are.

Founded in Bucharest 4 years ago in 2015, UiPath is now headquartered in New York City, with a presence that spans 25 countries in North America, Europe and Asia, and employs more than 3,200 professionals.
Any company can enjoy the advantages of RPA, regardless of size or sector and to date and UiPath has achieved successful RPA deployments in many sectors such as banking, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, and telecommunications, although automation offers undisputed benefits to all industries, from retail and logistics to tourism companies.

Some sectors have been early adopters of RPA, such as Financial Services, Banking, Insurance, Utilities or Telecommunications, where almost 90% of companies are clients of ours.
Nevertheless, we see RPA gaining ground in the aerospace industry for example, and also an increasing number of government agencies and offices are reaping the benefits of RPA.

As Vice President of Iberia in UiPath, my mandate is to lead the local teams to stay customer-centric and ensure seamless deployments of the UiPath RPA platform, and of course to expand our market penetration.

UiPath are the current leader in the Gartner RPA Magic Quadrant, how do you stay ahead of your competition?

From the point of view of our software platform, some factors that positions us at the top is its ease of use, flexibility and scalability.
Our product team has spent many years on developing the best Computer Vision available on the market – the UiPath’s Computer Vision AI solves one of the biggest challenges in RPA today: automating Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI) environments such as Citrix, VMWare and Windows Remote Desktop. It enables human-like recognition of User Interface (UI) elements, allowing for easy automation in cases where traditional UI automation methods struggle.

We also are the fastest time-to-market in the industry (30-40% faster than other solutions), offering a timely return on investment to our customers.

There are many cases where a company has implemented a few of our robots as an automation pilot project, and as soon as they have seen how much time and cost they save with them, they commission many more from us, even before the end of the first license period.

One differentiator that remains dear to us is our philosophy of democratizing RPA through the UiPath Academy – the first and biggest free-of-cost open-to-anyone online RPA training centre, and the free offering of a Community Edition of our product to any RPA developer, student, NGO or small organization.

Where do you rank the Iberian brands in terms of RPA adoption against the other European regions you serve?

We have long been firmly committed to the Spanish and Portuguese markets as part of our global expansion strategy, and have our own offices in Iberia.

Here, after the last crisis, which hit the economy hard, companies realized that it was important for them to invest in technologies that are profitable and provide them with greater productivity and efficiency.

More and more Spanish and Portuguese companies are opting to apply Automation First parameters to redesign and redefine their customer service approach. In fact, Iberia has a portfolio of more than 100 clients and this year we expect to grow by at least 50% and consolidate our presence in leading companies in different sectors thanks also to the support of our implementation partner ecosystem.
Society is being transformed and we are moving faster and faster towards the economy of machines, driven by AI and robotics.

The IT leaders that we profile when researching our events state the lack of qualified & skilled staff is an important factor to consider before taking the first steps to become “Automated Enterprises”, what are your views on this?

Well, that’s a fact but precisely for that reason in UiPath we are working for the democratization of technology, with the UiPath Community Edition and the UiPath Academy as promoters of digital skills in every corner of the world.

Last year we also kicked off UiPath Academic Alliance – an active schools and universities outreach programme to serve our One Robot for Every Person mission. Our teams provide universities around the world an RPA curricula, also empowering educators to teach it.

Our objective with the UiPath Academic Alliance is to enable 1 million young people with digital skills, and the schools and universities in our programme come to Spain, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Singapore, North America, Australia, etc.

The UiPath Academy has trained over 360,000 executives & students so far, what plans do you have for the academy in 2020?

Indeed we are close to 400,000 users at UiPath Academy, and now we are looking at expanding our training offering in more languages as part of supporting even further the creation of local skills. We do this on our own, but also with the support from our official training partners.
We are constantly improving our curricula which already caters for all the roles an organization would need when creating an RPA centre of excellence.

You will be taking the stage at our Barcelona Digital Festival to take a session themed “The Future Of Work Is Automation”, what can we expect to learn from that talk?

I’ll use my time on stage to inspire the public with RPA stories from our customers. I want to share some of the compelling benefits these companies derived from starting to work with digital assistants, as we fondly name our software robots.

I’ll also aim to convey what an Automation First mindset would trigger for companies that want to stay ahead of the game.

Thanks for your industry insights Franck, to find out more about how UiPath can help you start your “Automation First” journey go to , we hope to see you & your team at our fantastic event on the 28th of November in Barcelona.

Our 2020 calendar of events takes us to Copenhagen on the 6th February, Amsterdam on the 16th April, Barcelona on the 29th/30th April then to Birmingham, UK on the 21st/22nd May, speaker & sponsorship applications are open, you can submit a session here SPEAKER APPLICATION

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