Mikael Lenneryd Apoteket AB

Mikael Lenneryd Apoteket AB
  • Director of Digital and Loyalty | Apoteket AB
  • Company: Apoteket AB
Mikael Lenneryd – Director of Digital and Loyalty Apoteket AB
Mikael has developed and implemented many digital strategies in the Nordic and has been described as having an ‘entrepreneurial approach and possessing excellent marketing & communication skills in traditional and digital channels’
Mikael is currently managing the overall eCommerce as Director of Digital and Loyalty at Apoteket AB. Created in the 1970s and formerly known as Apoteksbolaget, the company is a government owned enterprise reporting to the Ministry of Finance. Apoteket is Sweden’s largest pharmacist with a revenue of over 27 billion per annum.
Mikael will lead a boardroom session on how Apoteket AB are making the most of their data and streamlining internal processes:
– The importance of consolidating all of your data to see your consumers through one lens
– Getting the real value out of your data: find the best data sources and combine them
– What is the best way to action your use of data and get results?
– How to collect and activate 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data.