Roundtable — Bridging the Gap Between Business Goals and Your Tech Stack

2:00 pm - 2:40 pm

Tech Track

Roundtable (Limited capacity please book this session early)

Speaker Francis Nortey Regional Sales Manager Workfront

Managing work and the processes that make it happen can be a challenge for any size organization. With a variety of systems in place from purchasing to project management to proofing to accounting, not to mention home-grown processes for every procedure the variety of platforms can be overwhelming, even in small organizations.

Even with the best tool for every purpose, you still may not have the visibility, control, and resources your team needs to operate at peak performance. Why? Because you have a tool for every purpose.

The use of multiple platforms and various systems for managing work, tracking status, resource utilisation and collaboration, creates an entire farm of silos, which drags down productivity, creates confusion and frustration among team members, and prevents your organization from achieving its strategic goals. Instead, what you need is a single source of truth, a system to rule all systems: an operational system of record (OSR).

Come spar with Workfront about your digital transformation strategy and initiatives, current ecosystems and how new technologies are changing the IT landscape, in preparation for the workplace of the future. Find out how your peers are bridging the gap between technology and DX strategies.