Mike Bugembe JustGiving*

Mike Bugembe JustGiving*
  • Chief Analytics Officer | JustGiving
  • Company: JustGiving

Mike Bugembe Chief Analytics Officer Just Giving *(TBC)

Predictive analytics, big data and data science can fundamentally change any business or product today.

I’ve spent my career as a researcher and a practitioner using mathematics, data and behavioral economics to drive business value and innovation.  I work as an independent consultant with organisations to help them understand how they can realise value from data science, build data science teams and ensure the success of their data science projects.  I enjoy speaking and appear frequently on the conference circuit.

A few years ago I embarked on one of my toughest challenges.  Using data science to unlock generosity!  We built a machine that uses data science to crack this problem and I shared a bit about it at the Microsoft Build Conference (click the link below to see more); my work in this space also got me recognition as one of the UK’s top digital masters. (link to guardian article below).

I’m currently working on a book with O’Rielly on how organisations can generate true value from data science.  The book is based on a methodology that I have created and tested successfully with several organisations.  I have provided sneak peak to the methodology as a contributing author in the book, Big Data and Predictive Analytics edited by Jay Liebowitz.

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