Keynote Speaker Interview Abhishek Roy eBay Denmark Written by Nordics DEF on January 31, 2019

In 1 weeks time, we will open the doors to our Nordics Digital Enterprise Festival in Copenhagen on 7th February 2019.

We have assembled a fantastic line up of Digital industry thought leaders who will be sharing tips, tactics & insights on how to accelerate enterprise Digital Transformation programmes at speed.

Grundfos, eBay, Ramboll, Maersk, Gucci, Tetra Pak & The Danish Ministry Of Foreign Affairs are just a few of the confirmed Global brands on our agenda that will be discussing hot topics around Agile Working, Enterprise Video, Innovation Data Strategies, Workplace Collaboration, Privacy, Digital Hybrids, Martech, People Transformation, Customer Experience, GDPR, Gamification & Robotic Process Automation.

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Check out the full speaker line up & agenda here

Ahead of his Keynote talk “Beyond Digital Transformation”, we caught up with Abhishek Roy, General Manager eBay Denmark to talk about life at eBay & future trends.

DEF Abhishek, can you tell us what it’s like being General Manager at eBay Denmark? What kind of responsibilities do you have?

Abhishek eBay Classifieds Group actually operates three businesses in Denmark. DBA is the marketplace to buy and sell used things, Bilbasen is a platform for used cars, and Bilinfo is a B2B software solution which helps dealers advertise and sell their cars. This means I always have a focus on how we as a team can work across silos, and bring joined up solutions for our customers.

We’re lucky to have a fantastic team of true experts, whether you look at our engineers, marketeers, finance professionals or beyond. I see my role as nurturing the talent we have, injecting an external focus, and of course, creating the right conditions to innovate new solutions for our customers.

DEF What’s a typical day at the office for you?

Abhishek I once got some great advice to balance working ‘in’ the business with working ‘on’ the business. For me ‘in’ the business means steering our strategic priorities, recruiting and developing people, meeting customers, and I guess losing games of table football against the sales team fits in here. ‘On’ the business means connecting with eBay’s global teams and other external stakeholders, and developing our long-term plans.

I travel weekly between our offices in Copenhagen and Aarhus, so time on the train has become an important part of my schedule – it gives me the chance to turn off the wi-fi and read, reflect, and plan. Coming from the UK, I’ve found Denmark to have a good work-life balance, and eBay is no different. I am grateful for the time I’m able to spend with my family.

DEF Over the last few years, what have been eBay’s biggest challenges? Do you think digital innovation could be the key to solving these challenges and others?

Abhishek The commerce landscape has changed so much since eBay emerged as a global marketplace. There are so many online destinations vying for a share of consumers’ time and of course their spend. What has remained central is that we are creating a shopping experience on eBay that is inspirational – the sheer breadth of the people and inventory on eBay is unique. In Denmark, we are working to inspire customers to engage with DBA and Bilbasen every day. For us, that means providing engaging content and personalizing the experience to show items that are truly relevant to each of our users. Using technology to innovate ways to engage customers is a central part of what we do at eBay.

DEF Is there any advice you’d give to other, largely digital companies?

Abhishek All companies need digital capabilities, but recently I’ve seen a real shift in how companies can acquire those capabilities. Specifically, the traditional question around build vs. partner vs. buy seems to have inverted. So much digital capability is now possible to leverage through external solutions which are available at scale, even from the youngest or smallest of providers. The start-up ecosystem in Denmark is really interesting right now. I believe that companies need to maintain a sufficiently external focus to understand where, and where not, to invest – this brings opportunity because more than ever you can really focus on what you’re good at. 

DEF You’ll be speaking at our Nordics Digital Enterprise Festival in Copenhagen on February 7th — can you give us a taste of what you’ll cover?

Abhishek I’ll give a brief survey on how today’s technology trends are changing the commerce landscape, with examples from in and outside Denmark. But beyond that, I’ll share thoughts on possible wider shifts we are seeing amongst consumers, as a response to the increasing digitalization and connectedness around them. Hopefully this can help the attendees place their digitalization efforts in a wider context when it comes to how to engage their customers. 

DEF What digital trends do you think we’ll see arising in 2019? Are there any you’re particularly excited for?

Abhishek The buzzwords (AI, blockchain, VR/AR, IOT to name a few) are there for everyone to read about. One thing that doesn’t change is that successful companies still need to build on their core strengths. For example at eBay, AI is being used to improve product search, including the development of market-leading image-based search capability. There is still so much more that this technology can do to help companies deliver what their customers are looking more quickly, more conveniently and in a more inspirational way.

DEF Finally, if you were stranded on a desert island, which three items would you want to have with you and why?

Abhishek If I am allowed to have my Kindle, then presumably I’ll also need something I can charge it with. That leaves one more thing to keep me entertained– maybe Lego, which I have been sourcing a lot on DBA recently (in theory for my children).

Thank you Abhishek for your time, looking forward to your Keynote next week!

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