Nabeel Babree Telenor

Nabeel Babree Telenor
  • Head Of Business Process Excellence | Telenor Group
  • Company: Telenor Group

Nabeel Babree Head Of Business Process Excellence Telenor Group

Enabling GSS Services Lines and Departments to implement a framework & culture for process excellence. Supporting them in balancing process management on a daily basis with a drive for improvement of process effectiveness & efficiency.

•Define the road-map for business process excellence.
•Develop and maintain process governance framework.
•Develop and maintain process excellence competence & capability (training and tools)
•Building a culture (Way of Work) of process excellence, driven by top and extended management.
•Conduct process excellence reviews for both new and existing services, in collaboration with process owners.
•Identify, initiate & lead cross-functional process improvement initiatives.
•Develop partnership opportunities for process excellence.

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