Speaker Insights – Lisa Pearson Head Of Marketing Blackpool Cluster Merlin Entertainments Written by admin1975 on December 1, 2017

We recently caught up with Lisa Pearson Head Of Marketing Blackpool Cluster at Merlin Entertainments, Lisa is taking a session on “Advanced Inbound Marketing Strategies” at our Birmingham event on 10th November.

DEF – Lisa, welcome to our event can you tell us about your career to date & what the Merlin Entertainment company does?

Lisa – Over the last 6 years, I’ve had the benefit of working in Senior Marketing roles across varied industries – moving from a high growth professional services background into leisure & tourism with Merlin Entertainments in early 2016. I love what our business ‘does’ – we are completely focused on creating amazing experiences & last memories for our visitors through our incredibly unique visitor attraction & theme park destinations. For Blackpool, Merlin Entertainments now offers 8 varied visitor attraction experiences (referred to as The Blackpool Cluster) and I am in the very lucky position of being Head of Marketing for this region.

DEF – It sounds from that answer your target demographic is a B2C audience, what recent campaigns have you been particularly proud of?

Lisa – I’ve really enjoyed fully incorporating strong digital marketing & social media activity into our attractions marketing strategies over the last 2 years – this is an area of ‘marketing’ that continues to grow & evolve at such a pace, we marketers are being kept on our toes to keep ‘on top’ of what is happening & to fully understand how different campaign types can work in different ways. It is clear from the results seen for our attractions in Blackpool from online revenue that utilising this social media marketing – supported with video content – has been key for driving performance & conversions.

DEF – In terms of engagement, what can B2B marketers learn from their B2C peers to achieve the best results?

Lisa – It is vital that your marketing message is clear & concise, regardless of whether it is being communicated through traditional media, out of home, digital, in a PR campaign for example. My role at HHL Group required me to plan activity which had both a B2B and B2C focus, because of the nature of the groups businesses at the time AND how different their clients’ needs where.
I also believe that there is often a misconception B2B marketing can’t be as fun with its creative style or key visual as B2C.

DEF – Which social media platforms are driving the most traction for you campaigns currently

Lisa – In terms of conversions, our Facebook activity still continues to drive the most success for our businesses HOWEVER I love how much engagement and positive sentiment we get for our attractions (and Blackpool as a resort, generally) when we run Facebook & Instagram Live activity.

DEF – Which new immersive tech excites you & why?

Lisa – I believe there is huge potential for the Leisure, Tourism & Visitor Attraction Industry with VR – we already have this included as part of our Theme Park experiences across some of our UK & Europe sites

DEF – If you were not a marketer what would you be?

Lisa – I love anything to do with interior and décor – I began an interior design course in my spare time a few years ago (..sad to say I am yet to finish it! Spare time is a luxury with balancing work, home, kids, life!) but I have completed a few furniture restoration projects and I love routing through vintage shops, reclamation yards and eclectic home furnishings shops for unique finds, striking patterns and gorgeous prints.

DEF – Thank you for your time & insights Lisa, we are looking forward to your session in November.

To hear Lisa live along with 20 other global brand speakers click the tickets link above to confirm your place, if you have any questions email us enquiry@digitalenterprisefest.com

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