Barcelona Digital Festival Speaker Interview With Massimiliano Ferrazzi Senior Manager Global Service Delivery & Operations IT at HARTMANN GROUP Written by Digital Enterprise Festival - Barcelona on March 11, 2020

Next up in our Speaker Insights series is Massimiliano Ferrazzi Senior Manager Global Service Delivery & Operations IT at HARTMANN GROUP.

Massimiliano will be talking at our Barcelona Digital Festival on the 29th April 2020.

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CIO’s, CTO’s, Innovation & Automation Leaders, Data Demons & Marketing Mavericks from Iberia’s most successful Enterprise brands will be taking the stage on the 29th April to share their best insights into digital transformation, digitisation & technological innovation….. Gencat, Nestle, Hotelbeds, Cacaolat, Bayer, Almirall, Oxfam, Novartis, Vall d’Hebron Hospital & Sanitas are so far represented on the agenda (more TBC)…

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DEF – What is the value proposition of Hartmann Group?

Massimiliano – Our Mission is to rethink healthcare by constantly looking for ways to improve treatments, outcomes and healthcare experiences in both the professional sector and at home. We want to become a leading player in the global healthcare market and a driving force to constantly advance healthcare for all. Our core business is in disinfection, improving hygiene measures by advancing research and practical implementation, personal healthcare, developing personal diagnostics devices with convenience, providing solutions that are used and recommended by professionals for home use. Risk prevention, developing solutions and strategies that add value, increase efficiency and influence behaviour, offering innovative products that take safety to another level. Incontinence Management, providing a secure feeling and improving the quality of life for those living with incontinence. Wound management, developing easier and faster wound healing products. Finally, Kneipp is also part of the Hartmann Group and produces and distributes high-quality medicinal products, nutritional supplements and body-care products under the brand name Kneipp

DEF – In your opinions, what does Digital Transformation imply? What is the key to success?

Massimiliano – I like to talk not only about digital transformation but about digital evolution. The transformation simply means transitioning business model, infrastructure and vision into a digital ecosystem. Whereas, digital evolution means a rapid transformation of technology. This means, in today’s time, just transitioning is not enough, companies must adopt agile business models to continuously evolve. While digital technology is continuously changing (big data, social media, etc.) on the other hand, the organization slowly moves with factors like fear and resistance. An important element of digital transformation is, of course, technology. But often, one critical thing to notice in the path of evolution is that it is not only a change of technology. It’s more about shedding outdated processes, legacy technology and overall is about people and the culture changes that are infinitely more important. You can create the most beautiful architecture or implement the best tool on the market, once you involve these things—people, processes—you have to create the cultural environment that supports continuous delivery and the architectural discipline because a process or structural change doesn’t really have lasting change. People don’t follow rules. So, the real elephant in the room is legacy organizational structures will destroy your beautiful architecture every single time. Motivate your employees to focus on adaptability and willingness to face changes, then, this will create an organization that will push the innovation throughout the company.

As a company with more than 190 years of experience in the Healthcare sector, what would you highlight as the major Digital Transformation of Hartmann?

Massimiliano – One. As already mentioned, Digital Transformation is not only about tools and technology, digital transformation is about people. One IT is a program we started end of 2017 with the goal of transforming IT from a Service provider to a Technology Innovator. Hartmann IT transformed from a country-based organization where IT operates the systems toward a global IT organization that helps business to use new technologies. This is evolving the company in enabling new business models and thereby create a sustainable competitive advantage.

DEF – In your own words, there are “organizations stuck in an unwillingness to change”, what do you think it is necessary to achieve this change of mentality?

Massimiliano – The most common sentence I heard is “We always done that way!”, I keep smiling and saying, “Yes! That’s why we’re changing it!” How do you know if you are unwilling to change and grow? If you believe that you are unequivocally right, then you are not ready to change. If you believe that your beliefs are the right beliefs and that no others need to be considered, you are not ready to change. If you cannot be wrong, then you cannot change. If you cannot change, you cannot grow. If you haven’t changed some long-held, fundamental belief lately, you haven’t grown lately either. If you have to defend your beliefs and your actions at all costs, you aren’t ready to change. If you are busy defending your beliefs, then you cannot take on new beliefs. The more you defend your beliefs and your behaviour, the more you feel the need to further defend your beliefs and your behaviour. Even though you are capable of change, you may not be willing to change. And it’s the willingness that matters most of all. Once you are willing, the willingness begins to work on you immediately. Nothing here suggests that you are incapable of change. Anyone can change at any time, once they are ready. You are free to believe whatever you want. But you are not free from the consequences of those beliefs. Finding ways to embrace change is the key to success.

DEF – You will be presenting at our Barcelona Digital Enterprise Festival on 29-30th April in Barcelona, what will the attending executives learn from your talk?

Massimiliano – It seems hard to believe, but we have closed out the second decade of the 21st century and obviously a lot has happened in these last 10 years. What are the trends and the challenges in the healthcare sector related to the business and related to the digital ecosystem? Attending will learn that to thrive in today’s highly competitive world, we need to continually adapt and innovate. That means change is now the norm for most employees. How can we embrace that “renaissance thinking” which is key for transformation and create super-employees that will push the innovation? Instead of discarding new ideas, it might be good to listen to new thinkers. Are we cultivating new thinking, or do we keep the same old (and safe…) thinking alive? How can we create space for new thinking to arise in and

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