Barcelona Digital Festival Speaker Insights With Ajwad Hashim Barclays Bank Written by DEF Team on December 1, 2017

Next up in our Speaker Insights series is Ajwad Hashim Vice President Of Innovation & Emerging Technology at Barclays Bank.

Ajwad will be taking a session “The Use Of Blockchain & AI Across The Enterprise To Drive Tangible Business Outcomes” at our Barcelona Digital Festival on 24th October.

CIO’s, CTO’s, Innovation Leaders, Data Demons & Marketing Mavericks from the world’s most successful Enterprise brands will be taking the stage to share their best insights into digital transformation, digitisation & technological innovation….. Estrella Damm, Sanitas, Coca Cola, Grundfos, ABM Amro, Leroy Merlin, Barclays, Shell, Bayer, Airbus, AON, Zurich, H&M, Sanofi & Skanska are represented on the agenda (more TBC)…

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DEF –  Fintech is massive at the moment, which new tech is having the biggest impact on Barclays customers to improve their customer experiences?

Ajwad – Artificial intelligence is changing the way we service customers, both by improving our insight a product offering through personalisation as well as reducing our operational costs and improving efficiency in execution. Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning are particular technologies that are transforming customer experiences, combined with other trends such as cloud and blockchain to manage data in a more effective way.

DEF – With data security being of high importance to customers, how can customers of banks stay safe over the internet?

Ajwad – Data security is core to our data strategy and keeping data safe is of utmost importance as custodians of our customer’s financial data. We are improving and investing in fraud detection and prevention software to support our customers and protect them from the ever-evolving threats posed by cybercriminals. Customers should always work with their banks to ensure they understand how they can strengthen their relationship and transact safely online.

DEF – How is Barclays using Blockchain technology & what benefits is it having with your customer base?

Ajwad – Barclays is exploring and working with Blockchain technology partners to assess the opportunities for us and our customers across a broad range of use cases. We have publicly experimented with supply chain and trade finance DLT companies, and continue to engage with the industry to move these solutions into production. We are also taking part in a number of other use cases focused on providing better data management and lower costs of processing for our customers.

DEF – Which efforts do you make now to help your customers successfully pass through Brexit?

Ajwad – We are continuously engaging with our customer base and the general public to ensure they understand any changes that may result as a consequence of Brexit. Whilst we have done everything possible to ensure technology and servicing continues as unchanged as possible, we have created a separate support fund for our clients who may be adversely impacted in the short term by Brexit.

DEF – You did your Masters research into the optimization of making financial decisions using artificial neural networks. How did that help in your career?

Ajwad – My research into neural networks helped me lay a foundation into the principles of data science, prior to the emergence of cloud and big data technology trends. This has helped me not only understand and evaluate what is possible within a corporate world but also work closely with partners and internal data science teams to connect business problems with effective machine learning solutions.

DEF – What will we learn from your speaker session on our event in Barcelona?

Ajwad – In my session I will aim to explore some of the challenges of implementing new technologies in a large corporate organisation where there is still a large legacy technology stack. I will aim to talk through some of the use cases that are publicly known, discuss the innovation and execution journey as well as what we have learnt.

DEF – Thank you very much Ajward for your time & insights, we are looking forward to your session in October.

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